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Wednesday, 30 August 2017


So yesterday me and my little sister Elizabeth took a trip to London!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Friday, 25 August 2017

Arty's Open Mic Night

Ok so Monday 21st August 2017 my friend Katie Louise Ball invited us down to support her at Arty's open mic night!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

back, again!

Guess who is back? this girl!

Its been a long time coming and i've finally got to the point where I am excited to start getting back into blogging and sharing my journey with the world.

Since ive been gone;

Rhys and Jacqueline

Jacqueline at Five Guys

Jacqueline Morby

Jacqueline Morby Driftwood Festival

Jacqueline and Elizabeth

I've met the most beautiful human ever, and i'm just about to depart from Gosport to go to Southampton to move in with his family while searching for our own home! - leaving Gosport meaning i'm going to see my friends and family a lot less than i usually do but atleast when i come down it will be even more special and exciting to see them! I'm moving jobs so i'm gutted to leave the staff, parents and children behind as they have been incrediable on my journey.

i've eaten lots of yummy food and been to a lot of new restraunts over the past year which is exciting because i'm now eating food I was once was terrified to eat..

going from that... I have been discharged from theropy! after a long bumpy road of referrals, appointments meetings and sessions i have finally gotten to a point in my life where i am more confident than i have been in years, for almost a year now I have been steadily climbing the mountain to sanity and I am confident to say i'm almost at the top! 

I spent a *very* rainy day at Driftwood Music Festival this summer, supporting my friend Katie Louise Ball who performed on stage and my dad who organised the festival (in just three weeks!) in Gosport, so next year keep your diaries open to join me in a bigger and better festival next summer! 

Lastly my not-so-little sister has finished school and went to prom looking as beautiful as ever, all grown up and ready for college! 

on the note of college, ive completed my Level 3 Early Years Educator finally! was a long time coming with a million tears tantrums and breakdowns but somehow managed to get through it and i'm awaiting my certificate for it to be official yay! 

Thank you for reading through, especially if you've gone through the journey with me! later in the week i'll  be uploading another post so keep your eyes peeled..

Speak soon, 


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Something EVERYONE should know

I have been struggling to get back into blogging, but I have just had a thought pop into my head- First Aid.

Not everyone is first aid trained and as I work with children it I essential that I am. But I believe everyone should be trained in this, the main reason for this is because you could save a life just by knowing what to do.
Some of the most common accidents and emergencies in the UK include:

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Guess Who's Back

Hello again!

I have been slacking so bad, I'm sorry! Recently a few people have mentioned that I should blog again ( and start up vlogging )  So I'm back! Lets hope I stay this time because I miss it!
For a 'im back' post I'm going to write about what I have been up to while I've been away, enjoy! Its not too exiting, if I'm honest!

Thursday, 22 January 2015


Yesterday was my birthday, meaning I am no longer a teenager (boo)